To develop an awareness of the deliberate patterns concealed in God's Word, which allow you to gain spiritual insights that empower you with the ability:

To strengthen your trust in His Word.
To help bring to maturity the fruit of the Holy Spirit
To be more effective in your outreach

Examples of Patterns

In meaning of names, see Genesis genealogies; Ruth - the Gospel of

In the consistency of the use of the number 3. see Acts in NT Books.

In the breakdown of books, into a matrix, 9 sections, see Gen. Jam. Rev.

Patterns Help Bring to Maturity Our Fruit of the Holy Spirit

The template of the Holy Spirit helps you to understand what it takes to cause the fruit to develop in your life. ie Love comes from trusting His Word.

The template of the Holy Spirit when placed on a book of the Bible helps you to see different lessons concerning the individual fruits.

The template of the Holy Spirit guides you into asking the right questions of the vtext, teaching the relevancy of the Word for you today.

Patterns Strengthen Our Faith in His Word

The genealogies are evidence for God's superior intelligence.

The consistency of 3's throughout OT & NT proves one author.

The patterned outline of the books, shows consistent purpose in writings

Patterns Make us more Effective in our Outreach

A great aid in memorizing whole books based on concepts.

Prevent you from bogging down in text when teaching others.

Give a clear overview of a book to those you are teaching.


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