Our struggle is not against flesh and blood - 2Cor.10:3-6;  it is not individuals we
need to worry about, it is the lies in the world that we are fighting, Truth vs. Lies.
against the rulers, against the powers against the world forces of this darkness.
THE RULERS = GOVERNMENT - that part of government that enforces by legalizing
immorality as an alternate life style. We are to obey the government Ro.13:1-7; 
But we can voice our differences in a democracy when they promote disobedience
to God's Law, which is always superior to men's laws.

THE POWERS = MASS MEDIA - those who promote immoral life styles, using TV, movies,
magazines, etc. pushing the homosexual agenda down the throats of the unsuspecting public.
Now its an acceptable norm because the lies are commonly seen in our living rooms, daily, from the TV.

THE WORLD FORCES = ACADEMIA - the ones who teach the lies which go world wide.
Such as theory of evolution as fact. They also deny the Bibe is inspired  and try to write it
off as an ancient man made writing full of error. Promoting abortion, euthanasia etc.

Those who are Christians and yet knowingly promote false doctrine in the body of Christ.
Denying the validity of baptism, encouraging teachings that go directly against the scriptures
claiming them to be cultural problems of the day and not necessary for us. ie. Ac.20:29,30;

Example: we are taught by academia that we have evolved, so our morals have evolved,
homosexuality is an evolution of morals, an alternate lifestyle, taught in academia from
kindergarten up.  The media promotes the lifestyle with movies and shows with gay lifestyle
always in a positive light, and governments have now legislated they can get married.

So what does a young man do when the ungodliness of the alternate lifestyle finally opens
his eyes to the lies of it all. The schools teach it is normal, the churches say it is not a sin,
the media proclaims it as normalicy, the governments say its legal, how does he/she escape?
There needs to be the voice of God heard through out the land that yes immorality is a sin
and that one can repent and be baptized and wash their sins away and become a new creature.
1Cor.6:9-11; With the promise of a glorious future beyond this world of lies, guilt and shame.
And there is a family that will accept them and bring them in and love them as a brother in Christ.

People are thinking heavenly battles of angels and demons etc. But they fail to see that Satan
was thrown from heaven Rev.12:9; with only a short time, which has run out and he now finds
himself in the Abyss Rev.20:1-3; but his lies are still with us and these are what we are up against.
The more we get the Truth out, the more effective we will be, the Word is very relevant today, it is
the power of  God, Ro.1:16;  and it is absolutely essential to win the battle of Truth vs. Lies.
The sword of the Spirit is the Word of God. Eph.6:17;  How well do you know it?