Destroy the validity of the Bible and you destroy the world. Why would God let the world continue to spin if no one can become a Christian because once the world believes the Bible is not the inspired Word of God, they cannot be saved. The History channel with their latest show called Bible Secrets Revealed is a frontal assault on Truth. This show is a direct attack on the scriptures and it is so full of lies, their agenda cannot be denied.

            The first showing of this series deals with Translations. It begins with the Dead Sea Scrolls and so called Biblical professors claim these scrolls show that there are many contradictions in the Bible but not one contradiction is given of the many claimed to exist. What is not mentioned, is these scrolls are 1,000 years older than our oldest known OT manuscripts and the accuracy is incredible, showing what we have today is what they had in Jesus time. The accuracy speaks volumes for the scribes ability to make exact copies, since the first five books were written in 1400 BC we can be sure we have what Moses wrote. The idea there were editors of the OT is fanciful thinking with no base.

            Moses is denied being the author of the first 5 books because we didn't witness him writing them. He couldn't know the creation account. He was raised an Egyptian and yet the scientific truths found in his writing prove his writings had to come from God, Moses wrote Truths 3,000 yrs before their discovery by modern man. There is an article on this site naming many of those Truths.

            Yes Adam can be interpreted to mean "mankind". It is decided by the context of the verse, so they quote a verse Gen.1:27 "Male and female created He them and blessed them and called their name Adam (Human Race) in the day when they were created." So we misinterpret by using the name Adam in this verse instead of Human Race. But the problem is this verse doesn't exist. Yes vs.27 and 28 say, "male and female He created them. God blessed them; But vs.28 doesn't say,"and God called their name Human Race in the day they were created." Total lie in the early part of the series, if they lie here, where else do the lies happen? It is obvious they are slandering the Bible and nothing can be trusted from the series and puts the whole channel under suspicion.

            But wait they give evidence for a contradiction, the David and Goliath story. 1Samuel 17:49,50; David kills Goliath twice, once with a stone, the other time cutting off his head. Can't kill someone twice, so it's a contradiction. But David did kill Goliath twice, once with the stone from his sling, have they never heard of brain dead, the stone put Goliath's brain out of commission. But his heart was still beating, this is a dilemma doctors struggle with today, brain dead means the person is not going to recover, so David finishes the job by killing Goliath with his own sword but running it through his heart, stopping all body functions. Then he chops off the head for all watching to know Goliath is officially dead.

            But who killed Goliath, 1Sam.17:49,50 we see David doing it. But what about 2 Sam.21:19; it says Elhanan killed Goliath the Gittite. Another glaring contradiction pointed out by a Biblical scholar. Elhanan kills this man long after David has become king, so who did he kill. 1Chr.20:5; records the man to be the brother of Goliath. This scribal error in 2Sam.21:19; is easily explained by Biblical scholars, which puts into question who are these who are making the accusations?

            Again the statement is repeated that the Bible is not historically accurate and full of contradictions and yet when evidence to prove such is brought forward they hold no water and easily explained. But if we keep repeating the lie over and over it will become a truth for the young and foolish.

            Then the series claims the Gospel accounts are not written by those who knew Jesus, instead by those using names to gain fame. The first gospel was Mark and it was written around 70 AD all others written latter copying from Mark. Many scholars believe Matthew was written first by 50 AD, Luke was written in 62 AD and Mark in 65 AD. The Secret of the series seems to be that it is presenting false accusations which have been refuted long time ago and the series continues to bring up these lies as great secret Truths, but they are not.

            One scholar's claim is the NT is written in Greek to appeal to the rich Romans not the poor Jews. The Greek language was the best language ever for its precision, it is nowhere near as vague as the English language is today. To say the writers were focused on the rich in light of the teachings against the rich is nonsense. When Constantine legalized Christianity and called for a Bible to be put together, he had no agenda to control people with the scriptures.

            Next they attack the Bible by pointing out the false teachings from men's traditions concerning the birth of Christ. The Bible teaches the wise men came after the birth, when His family were living in a house after settling down in Bethlehem. They accuse Mt & Lk, of fabricating the virgin birth from a modern mistranslation of Isa.7:14; translated virgin but should be young maiden. How did they make same mistake as people do today? They didn't.

            The series makes wild false and unsubstantiated accusations, discrediting the Bible because that is their goal, to undermine God's Word, this series needs to be seen for what it is, a slanderous fabrication of God's inspired word. All Christians should be aware of such attacks and be taught to refute all these false accusations so they won't be swayed to fall away and will be better equipped to help a lost soul come free of the lies of sinful men. If you abide in My Word .... you will know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free. Jn.8:31,32


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