Three times we see people barefoot in the OT.  Moses at the burning bush, Ex.3:5;

Joshua at Jericho Jos.5:15; and the High Priest in the Tabernacle, though I cannot

find a reference, sandals are not prescribed to  the High Priest so he is always seen

barefoot. What does it mean?


My thoughts are since we are made from dust, when we walk in the dust we are

reminded of our beginnings, from dust we come  Gen.2:7;  this humbles us,

reminding us of our roots, causes us to realize the source of life is God whom

we must give thanks always, for who we are. For without God we are nothing Jn.15:5; 


Dust happens from the interaction with others, so shake off the dust, Mt.10:14; 

What you pick up from people, is that which needs to be washed off when you

enter a home, the dust, from your feet, Lk.7:44;  I believe it means we need to

wash the cares and worries of the days activities at the door of our home or

where you are visiting and be focused on the spiritual interaction of the home

you are now in.


Too many times we bring work problems home with us and we pollute the house

with worldly problems, bringing the stress of work into the house and dumping it

on unsuspecting loved ones, disrupting your house of peace with a stress the others

have no way of dealing with, your getting your dirt all over them. Solution - wash your

feet free of the dust of the world at the door, How?


We are a spiritual people, pray, before you go in or just when you get in, ask for

forgiveness and ask for clear healthy thoughts, Php.4:8; so you are now focused

to bless those in your home. Mt.10:12; "As you enter the house give your greeting."


Are we spiritually focused to interact when we visit friends and should we not be the same

when we enter our own homes? Do you bring the cares and worries of this life which you

struggle with into the lives of others, stop, think about it, learn to wash you feet before

entering the home and walk in as Jesus would, leaving the world behind and focus

on uplifting those you are about to greet by sharing a word of Truth with them.


Jesus when He washed the apostles feet in Jn.13:1ff  He was not doing it for cleanliness

but as an example of forgiveness. No tougher request from God than to forgive those who 

sinned against you. These men were about to scatter, leaving Jesus behind, one would

deny Him 3 times and another would betray with a kiss and yet here He is washing their

feet. Check out the example of Joseph washing his brothers feet in Gen.50:15-21;  Is

there something to learn from the transgression?  If nothing else it provides a way for you

to grow spiritually by practicing mercy. Jm.1:2-4;









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