No Women In Heaven! Amen?

               No Men In Heaven! Amen!

No genders in heaven, Amen! Genders are such a distraction, creating in

many, envy, jealousy, immorality, fornication, etc. No genders in heaven

Jesus says, Mt.22:30 "For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are

given in marriage but they are like the angels of God in heaven."


One midwest church teaches a man will become a god and have a bevy

of wives, who he impregnates to create spirit babies for the planet he will

be god over. Celestial sex forever and eternal pregnancy forever, who do

you think wrote this religion, God or a man?


The Muslim faith teaches if one dies in spiritual battle they obtain their own

dwelling and 72 virgin wives, to enjoy wine women and song for eternity,

to be pampered for killing the enemy, the infidel, not loving him.

Rom.12:19-21; I have heard the martyred women get 72 virgin husbands,

in defense of the women. Either way, eternal sex, who do you think wrote

the Koran, man or God?


Then we have those who think Jesus failed by not building a physical

kingdom but was rejected by the Jews and killed. But He will return again

and not be rejected this time but will rebuild the temple in Jerusalem and

rule on earth for a 1,000 years then comes the end. To live for a 1,000

years, like Adam and Eve, having probably 800 children, who looks

forward to these things? Charismatics, JW's, those who interpret the

Bible literally not spiritually.


Gender was to populate our species, once you die, gender is gone, you

move on to a better purpose in life, no men, no women,  only humans

who love God and one another. John Lennon wrote "Imagine", a world

of love, no hate, greed, wars, countries, different religions, etc. John

should have studied the Bible. A people who live by love - everyone

wants it and that is what God is offering in the new earth. Rev.21:1-4;


But many don't want heaven without their sinful behaviors so they don't

accept it. They don't die to their physical self to become a spiritual soul

and strive for the higher calling, where everyone is equal. These other

man made faith's entice the selfish soul with offers of satisfying personal

pleasures making oneself eternally superior to others.And there are many

who buy into the lies.


Men chose to follow the lie instead of the Truth, Ro.1:18-32; It is easy

to be a servant when you view everyone through the eyes of equality

but looking with superiority over others, wishing to have others to be

subservient to your wishes, is to be physical and not spiritual. This

attitude is man made and not God given.


If you ever hope to be truly served, you have to be a servant first.


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