Often you hear people writing off the Bible as not being worthy of studying, since it was written by men, mostly male chauvinists, therefore it is not the  inspired word of God as it makes claim to be, 2Tim3:16; Here are three  excellent evidences proving otherwise, that indeed the Bible could not be created by men.


Gal.3:28; The Bible teaches men and women are equal, neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. Equality of the sexes is totally foreign to men until the last 50 yrs. if even that long ago. Today women in Christian nations not only vote and drive cars, but they can work any job, even run some of the strongest nations of the world. Yes it took time to get there but they have always been equal to man in God's eyes and He stated. Jesus Himself is seen speaking to a Samaritan woman in Jn.4:1-30 which no Rabbi would ever do Jn.4:27; Jesus treated everyone with respect, to Him all are equal, nobody is better than anyone else. Mk.3:33-35;

Neither slave nor free man, all men are equal regardless of their economic condition.  A condition that the world continues to struggle with today. Neither Jew nor Greek, one cannot draw lines of distinction especially using nationality as a border. The world is finally putting this behind her, at least it seems in 1st world nations. In other nations it seems ethnic divisions can never die. And here we have Paul making a statement no man is capable of contemplating in his time.

2. NO GENDER IN HEAVEN Mt.22:29,30;

You will be like the angels, they neither marry nor are given in marriage, no sex after death. What man could come up with this thought. Just look at your man made religious beliefs. Some believe when you die you enjoy a life of wine, women and song. Some even believe you become a god and have lots of goddess wives to create spirit babies for the planet you're a god over. While others teach we get to live on the earth for 1,000 more yrs after a rapture and have families again, before being finally taken to heaven. Teachers of this - men of course.

Sorry it is appointed for all to die once then judgement Heb.9:27; Then no men and no women in heaven, genderless. What man could ever think this one up, in fact Jesus speaks like we should realize this if we were spiritual.


Some religions kill their own if they quit the religion, but Jesus calls for us to love and pray for our enemies, even do good to them, Rom.12:20; Man wrote these teachings? Not in a million years. War is our middle name. Therefore if man didn't write it, who did? God of course.

Three excellent pieces of evidence that men in the first century cold not have written the Bible because they couldn't come up with these principals of equality, a future with no gender, and to love one's enemies? Concepts that must have raised many an eyebrow. Concepts that not even the church was capable of obeying because it refused to see it, though written for all the world to see. The church may be controlled by men's world, men's blindness, but that should never take away the fact that God exists and He loves all of His creation,

Male & Female, Slaves and Free Men; Jews & Greeks; we are all equal in His eyes.
If this is true and it is, what else has He taught that you know nothing about?

The Bible is definitely worthy of the time and investigation, after all, it's all about YOUR future.



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