Soldier's Prayer Book - A Deck of Cards

This is a tale about a soldier using a deck of ordinary playing cards as an

aid to meditation and it dates back to at least to 1788. The popular song

"Deck of Cards" was written in 1948 by "T." Texas Tyler and was recorded

by Tex Ritter in 1948, Wink Martindale in 1959, and Bill Anderson in 1991.

I would like to share the symbolism with you, possibly for a memory tool or

teaching tool or an example of what you can do with similar physical objects.


The Ace - reminds us of the fact there is but One God. Eph.4:4-6;

The Two - the Old Testament and the New Testament. 2Tim.3:16-17;

The Three - the Trinity - Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  Mt.28:19;

The Four - the Four Gospels.  Lk.1:1-4;

The Five - the Penatuche - 5 Books of Moses. Jn.5:46-47;

The Six - the Six Days of Creation. Gen.1:1f;

The Seven - 7 gifts given to the church, (we all have one). Ro.12:6-8;

The Eight - 8 Souls saved from the flood. 1Pe.3:20;

The Nine - 9 Fruit of the Holy Spirit given to us. Gal.5:22-23;

The Ten - 10 Commandments. Ex.20:1f;

The Jack - the Devil, a fallen angel. Heb.6:4-6; 2Pe.3:17; 

The Queen - the Church.  Rev.21:2;

The King - Christ Jesus our Lord - Rev.19:16;

The Joker - The one who refuses to believe 2Pet.3:3-6;

4 Suits - Love God with all your Heart, Soul, Mind, Strength.  Mk.12:30-31;

52 Cards - number of times a year we celebrate Lord's Table.  Ac.20:7;


Yes I changed a few meanings to fit my understanding and I'm sure you

will change a few for your understanding. It is not to be memorized word

for word, but it is a tool for us to remember who we strive to serve everyday.



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