I wish to bring your attention to Jesus' intensity in prayer. Luke uses the word

"agony", He was wrestling with God in prayer and to such an extent, so fervently

that His sweat became like drops of blood. Lk.22:44;


My sweat can be like drops of blood, dripping off my face, when I am in the

middle of playing an intense sport, in the heat of the day. You bend over and

the sweat drips off your face, big drops, soaking the pavement as they hit.

But here is the wonder, Jesus quietly on His knees in prayer, in the cool of the

night, yet His sweat was like drops of blood, Why? How?  He was so intense in

His communication with His Father, His thoughts alone were over heating His

physical body, from such agony and fervency, He was sweating profusely.

Paul describes Ephaphras' prayer as one where he "agonizes" for the brethren

in Colossae, though the NAS translates it as "worked hard for" this is the same

word describing Jesus prayer as an agony". Col.4:13;

Jesus also challenges us in Lk.13:24; to "Strive" to enter the kingdom. Same

word used here for "agonize" to enter the kingdom. Give it your very best effort

not only to get through the door but stay in the kingdom.


When was the last time I worked up a sweat in prayer? Is my prayer life on

cruise control or am I getting the full potential I can get from talking with God?

When was the last time I found myself agonizing over the Word of God to find

the true meaning of the text?  Are we fervent in our walk with God? Are we the

zealous people of God Paul describes in Ti.2:14;?


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