A series of 19 short Videos teaching the Gospel of Mark

             Overcome being:

      HEART                   SOUL

       SENSATIONS                  IMAGINATION              
    1. F- Superior                    4. F- Irresponsible
    2. H- Skeptical                   5. H- Irreverant             13. Apathetic
    3. L- Segregated                6. L- Irrelevant      

                                                                                       14. Hypocrit
      MIND                        STRENGTH

        COGNITION                     DECISION                                         15. Mocker
    7. F- Corrupt                       10. F- Doubtful             
    8. H- Contemptable            11. H- Distrustful                                  16. Unbeliever
    9. L- Controlling                  12. L- Defiant                       


Mk.12:30 and you shall love the lord your God with all your

heart, soul, mind and strength.

Faith - what you think.  Hope - what you do. Love - what you share.



  OVERCOME SUPERIORITY Mk.1               FAITH      

Need to surrender ourselves, making Christ our CEO

Jesus Resume:

1. Three References:

        1. Isaiah,                 Mk.1:1-3;

        2.John Baptist,        Mk.1:4-8;

        3. God the Father,   Mk.1:9-11;

2. Three Qualifications:

        1. Overpowering - defeats Satan   Mk.1:12,13;

        2. Discerning - understands OT     Mk.1:14-15;

        3. Inspiring - fishermen followed,   Mk.1:16-20;

3. Three Virtues:

        1. Composed - not easily upset,                Mk.1:21-28;

        2. Compassionate - heals all who came    Mk.1:29-34;

        3. Compelled - press on, go elsewhere     Mk.1:35-39;

Correct Response  Mk.1:40-45;

        Leper surrenders to Christ and is healed but disobeys.

Lesson His resume is best and what we see is even if we sign

up we can always quit, as did the leper, Jesus forces no one to stay.


        OVERCOME  SKEPTICISM  Mk.2         HOPE

Jesus doesn't argue with skeptics, teaches, reasons and moves on.

We need to quit being skeptical and submit to His will through His Word.

1. Skeptics At His Home

         1. Forgives paralytic's sin                      Mk.2:1-5;

         2. Challenged, only God can forgive     Mk.2:6,7;

         3. Heals paralytic, moves on.                Mk.2:8-12;

2. Skeptics At Matthews Home

         1. Visits with sinners                             Mk.2:15;

         2. Accused of breaking protocol           Mk.2:16-18;

         3. Reasons, then moves on                  Mk.2:19-22;

3. Skeptics In A Field

         1. Picking grain on a Sabbath              Mk.2:23;

         2. Accused of breaking law                  Mk.2:24;

         3. Reasons and moves on,                  Mk.2:25-28;

Correct Response                                       Mk.2:13,14;

Matthew hears Jesus can forgive, believes and follows.

Being a Levite he should have questioned, he doesn't,

he simply submits. Do you submit or argue with Christ?



Segregation - the separation from others, setting apart,

Solidarity - unity or fellowship arising from a common interest

1. Trap Set To Segregate Him From People                 Mk.3:1-6;

     1. Minds set on doing man's will, trap Christ      Mk.3:1-2;

     2. Jesus mind set on doing God's will                Mk.3:3-5

     3. Plot to kill Jesus on the Sabbath                    Mk.3:6

2. Three Examples of Solidarity Amongst Followers  Mk.3:7-19;

     1.   7 groups naturally hate each other, got along Mk.3:7-8;

     2.   Boat not needed, people got along                  Mk.3:9-12;

     3.   12 naturally hate each other, but got along      Mk.3:13-19;

3. Segregation Cannot Survive                                     Mk.3:20-38

     1. Slandered by family and scribes             Mk.3:20-22;

     2. Kingdom divided cannot stand                Mk.3:23-27;

     3. Slander a brother, is slandering the HS  Mk.3:28-30;

Correct Response                                                          Mk.3:31-35;

Solidarity happens when we focus on doing God's will.

Segregation happens, we are focused on man's will.



Gave them parables that inspired them to serve Christ.

Irresponsible - not responsible to any authority, not accountable.

1. Purpose of Parables                                    Mk.4:1-12;

          Create a desire to gain insight vs.11           

2. Parable of Sower Explained                       Mk.4:13-20;

          Create a desire to examine yourself

3. Parables to Encourage Personal Growth  Mk.4:21-25; 

          1. Parable of the Lamp                Mk.4:21-25;

                  Vision of Purpose

          2. Parable of the Seed                 Mk.4:26-29;

                  Reason for Patience

          3. Parable of the Mustard Seed   Mk.4:30-34

                  Picture of your Potential

Correct Response                                             Mk.4:35-41;          

          Wind & waves obey but why don't we, irresponsible?



Overcome your fears by submitting to Christ.

Irreverence - showing no respect

1. Demon Possessed Man           Mk.5:1-17;

Did not fear God, caught up in sinful behaviors.

2. Hemorrhaging Woman             Mk.5:25-34;

Did not fear God, looked to men for her healing.

3. Jarius's Dying Daughter           Mk.5:21-24,35-43    

Did not fear God, served false religion.        

Correct Response                         Mk.5:18-20

All 3 submitted by bowing before Christ in reverence.



Overcome your irrelevance (resentment)

1. Nazareens Saw Jesus as Irrelevant                      Mk.6:1-13;

Didn't bring sick, no faith in Jesus ability, one of us.

2. Herodias Saw John's Warning Being Irrelevant  Mk.6:14-29

Decided to kill the messenger.

3. Apostles Saw Feeding Crowds As Irrelevant      Mk.6:30-52

So learned nothing from miracle      Mk.6:52

Correct Response                                                      Mk.6:53-56;

Saw Jesus as very relevant so sacrificed their time to

bring sick and all were healed.



Careful what you allow your mind to dwell on.

1. Traditions Can Invalidate Word of God   Mk.7:1-13;

Focus on man's teachings not God's.

2. Source of Corruption                                 Mt.7:14-23;

What we allow to dwell in our hearts.

3. Living Without Corruption                         Mk.7:31-37

Deaf mute, can't escape corruption in world.

Correct Response                                           Mk.7:24-30

She overcame by her love for her daughter

and her faith in Christ.


   OVERCOME CONTEMPT    Mk. 8            HOPE

Contempt - feeling that a person is low, worthless, a despising

1. The Apostles Towards the 4,000         Mk.8:1-21;

Contempt because they had to feed them again.

2. The Blind Man Towards Everyone     Mk.8:22-26;

Contempt because here comes another bad joke.

3. Peter Toward Christ                             Mk.8:27-33;

Contempt Jesus didn't understand the role of the Messiah.

Correct Response                                    Mk.8:34-38;

Deny yourself, take up your cross, follow Me. 



1. Peter Controlling at Mt. of Transfiguration      Mk.9:1-13

Don't control, this is My Son, listen to Him  vs.7

2. Disciples Controlling the Healing                      Mk.9:14-29

Arguing with scribes, need to wrestle in prayer.

 3.John Controlling Other Disciples                       Mk.9:30-49

Learn to be a servant     Mk.9:39

Learn to be accepting    Mk.9:40-41;

Learn to be cautious      Mk.9:42-48;

Correct Response                                                      Mk.9:50

Have salt in you and be at peace with one another

do not try to be in control of others.


      OVERCOME DISDAIN    Mk.10                FAITH

Disdain - to look down on, consider beneath oneself, scorn

1.  Disdain Destroys Mariages                                 Mk.10:1-16;

God made male and female, two become one, equal, as children.

2. Disdain Destroys Chance For Relationships    Mk.10:17-31;

Rich look with disdain toward the poor.

3. Disdain Sours Friendships                                  Mk.10:32-45;

Peter and John want superior positions over others.

Correct Response                                                     Mk.10:46-52;

Bartimaeus - no disdain, desires only to be with Christ.


       OVERCOME DOUBT   Mk.11           HOPE

Doubt - not to believe, not to feel sure of,

Doubt and action are incompatible

1. Results When Men Doubt God's Word      Mk.11:12-19;

      1. Have no fruit          Mk.11:12-14;

      2. Change worship    Mk.11:14-17;

      3. Use ungodly ways Mk.11:18-19;

2. Jesus' Teaching Conccerning Doubt         Mk.11:20-26;

       Pray and you shall receive.

3. What Causes Doubt                                     Mk.11:27-33

       Refusing to recognize Jesus' authority.

Correct Response                                             Mk.11:1-11;

When men trust His Word, God is glorified. triumphal entry.


   OVERCOME DEFIANCE  Mk.12              LOVE

Defiant - openly resisting or challenging, hostile.

1. Parable of Defiant Vinedressers             Mk.12:1-12;

Defiant to owner, abused messengers, killed son.

2. Three Defiant Questions                          Mk.12:13-34

1. Pay Taxes  2. Who's wife   3. Greatest commandment

3. Defiance Creates Spiritual Hypocrits     Mk.12:35-40

Beware of the scribes who devour widow's houses.

Correct Response                                         Mk.12:41-44

The widow's mites, out of poverty, out in all she had ot live on.



Apathy is a lack of interest or desire and it kills your faith.

Lack of interest to study and lack of desire to memorize.

1. The Problem                                          Mk.13:1-4;

2. The Solution Take Heed:                      Mk.13:5-23;

      1. Do not be Misled               Mk.13:5-8;

      2. Do not Deceive Yourself   Mk.13:9-13;

      3. Do not Ignore the Word    Mk.13:14-23;

3. The Urgency                                          Mk.13:24-32;

Correct Response                                     Mk.13:33-37;

   Man who keeps watch.



Hypocrisy is Greek for actor, one who pretends to be another.

Hypocrisy will kill your hope pretending to be a disciple.

1. Three Examples of Hypocits

         1. Chief Priests         Mk.14:1-2;

         2. Judas                    Mk.14:10,11;

         3. Peter & disciples   Mk.14:28-31;

2. Jesus Knew of Their Hypocrisy      

         1. Chief Priests         Mk.14:12-16;

         2. Judas                    Mk.14:17-26;

         3. Peter & disciples   Mk.14:27-28;

3. Jesus Example of Beating Hypocrisy 

         1. Stay Alert               Mk.14:33-34;

         2. Pray                       Mk.14:35;

         3. Know God knows  Mk.14:36

Correct Response              Mk.14:3-9;

Woman (Mary) anointing Jesus for His burial.



1. They Mocked Jesus                           Mk.15:1-32

       1. Judges Mocked     Mk.15:1-15;

       2. Soldiers Mocked    Mk.15:16-24;

       3. People Mocked      Mk.15:25-32;

2. God Stopped Their Mocking            Mk.15:33-34;

3. Some Were Humbled                        Mk.15:35-41;

Correct Response                                 Mk.15:42-47;

Joseph of Arimathea


The Resurrection gives us the strength to overcome it all.

1. The Empty Tomb                   Mk.16:1-8;

2. Eye Witness Accounts         Mk.16:9-14;

       1. Jesus appears to Mary           Mk.16:9-11;

       2. Jeaus appears to 2 disciples  Mk.16:12-13;

       3. Jesus appears to the eleven   Mk.16:14

3. The Great Commission         Mk.16:15-18;

Correct Response                     Mk.16:19-20;

They went out and preached everywhere..






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