In each of the following cases, the Bible writer had an opportunity to either state
the widely held erroneous belief of his day or state a factually true description.
In each case what was stated was true, demonstrating knowledge beyond the
writer's ability and thus necessarily from God.

Both male and female possess the                     Male has baby in him.
seed of life. Gen.3:15; 22:18;                               Woman is incubator 1694 AD

Blood is essential to life                                       Disease resides in blood
1400 BC Lev.17:11-14;                                        Cure is bleed out patient 1850

Eating blood forbidden                                        Raw blood used as a beverage.

Quarantine of certain diseases                          No isolation of diseased

Don't eat pork or scavengers                             No food restrictions
Lev.11 1400 BC

Principals of avoiding bacterial                          No hygiene or isolation
contamination Lev.15:19-33

Human waste to be buried                                Human waste left on ground

Burn clothes, wash body after                          No recognition of contagious
touching dead body Num.19:5-22;                   problems until 14th century

Earth is round 725 BC Isa.40:22;                    350 BC Aristotle
1,000 BC Prov.8:27                                         1492 AD Columbus

Earth not physically supported                        1543 believed it was supported
2,000 BC Job.26:7;                                         1697 AD theory of gravity

Heaven's can't be measured                          1917 Einstein univ. is finite
600 BC Jer.31:37

Stars can't be counted                                  150 BC 3,000 stars
600 BC Jer.33:22;                                          1924 AD 1,000 bil stars

Ocean paths                                                  M.F. Murray charted sea lanes
1015 BC Ps.8:8;                                            1855 AD

All men are blood relatives                            Men have different origins
60 AD Ac.17:26;

Water cycle                                                   1770 AD evaporation cycle
1,000 BC Ecc.1:7; Job.36:27;

Entire earth underwater                                1885 all land underwater
1400 BC Gen.1,2,6,9

Lightning causes rain                                   1930 Leaders photographed
2,000 BC Job 38:25,26                                 1964 demonstrated.

How did Bible writers, who lived and wrote in an age of ignorance and superstition
consistently and accurately record information that men of science have been able
to discover only with advanced scientific instruments in just that last few hundred years?

These men could not have been writing from their own knowledge and wisdom. They must
have received their information from a source far greater than their ability. The Bible
(properly used) and real science (not just theories) will always agree because their ultimate
source - is God!


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