SELF DETERMINATION                                  / - Future
THEORY                          SELF                      /
                                   REGULATION            / - Present


                     3. INTRINSIC                      / - Physical
                     MOTIVATION                     / - Social             Autonomy &
                                                              / - Emotional        Competence

                                                            / - Agree I am
               2. EXTRINSIC                     / - Want to be
               MOTIVATION                     / - Oughtness           Incentives &
                                                         / - Reward                Consequences

        1. AMOTIVATION                  / - Unintentional, mechanical


SELF DETERMINATION                            /Future                                                                                             THEORY                               SELF           /                        Gal.5:22-23;
                                   REGULATION       / - Present
                                                                ^                          Mt.22:37;
                   3. INTRINSIC                     / - Physical   - MIND
                    MOTIVATION                   / - Social       - SOUL
                                                            / - Emotional  - HEART
                       CONVERSION           ^
                                                         / - Agree I am    - Ac.18;24-26;
             2. EXTRINSIC                    / - Want to be     - Ac.2:37;
              MOTIVATION                   / - Oughtness      - Ro.1:18-20;
                                                      / - Reward            - Jn.6:68;
        1. AMOTIVATION                 / - Unintentional, mechanical



1. Amotivation - many people have no motivation, do things unintentionally.

2. Extrinsic Motivation - motivation from without like rewards (to look good)

oughtness (for helath reasons) want to be (to find a mate)

agree I am (delusional till step on scales) but outside motivations do not last,

very temporal, easily satisfied or dismissed.

3. Intrinsic Motivation - motivation from within, Emotional - (psychological satisfaction)

Social (confidence) Physical (competence)  Intrinsic is lasting and it leads to long lasting

behavior called Self Regulation you are now capable of taking your present

day self to new heights by achieving goals set for personal advancement.



1. Amotivation - most people have no spiritual motivation, path of least resistance.

2. Extrinsic Motivation - how many become Christians, rewards and cosequences.

Rewards - hearing about eternal life, relief from shame and guilt.

Oughtness - suffering from sin, one desires a better life, freedom from addictions.

Want to be - coming in contact with Christian life style influences one to chose.

I am - many believe they already are Christian, need to be challenged to prove it.

From extrinsic motivations people decide to become a Christian but will not last as

a Christian if external motivation is where they remain, tiring waiting for eternal life.

3. Intrinsic Motivation - blessed - happiness from within, mental ascension.

Emotional - knowing one has eternal life now, 1Jn.5:13; Ac.16:23-25;

Social - knowing one is a child of God, citizen of the kingdom, Php.3:20; 1Jn.3:1-3;

Physical - knowing we can be one with God,  1Cor.2:16;

Self Regulation - Now that we are Christian, with eternal life,a child of God, learning

to develope the mind of Christ, we focus on self improvement by learning to develope

the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our everyday walk with Christ. Gal.5:22-23;